Saturday, June 19, 2010


GC University Lahore Library came into existence in 1872. Muhammad Asadullah Khan joined in 1916 as the first qualified librarian. The British Government honored him with the title of Khan Bahadur in 1935. A proper library with an office and a reading room was established in 1937 in memory of Mian Fazl-i-Hussain, a renowned educationist.

The library building was once again expanded in 1964. In 1999, the Postgraduate Library was established to enhance library activities. The library fulfills the information needs of more than 6000 students and teachers throughout the year. The total area of the Library is 30803 sq. feet which is capable of accommodating 600 students at a time.

The Library has continuously been improved not only in the collection of books, but also as an instrument for the assistance of study and research. At present, it has a total numbers of 307672 books including precious personal collections. The library receives 236 national and international journals. The detail is as under:-

The Academic departments of the GCU offer a wide choice of subjects with flexible study patterns that meet the needs and interests of the students at intermediate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. From this page you will be able to access information about all the academic departments.

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