Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kashyap Museum

Another one of Prof. Kashyap’s contributions to GCU was the establishment of a Museum in the Department. Prof. Kashyap took keen interest in the collection of plant specimens, not only from the Subcontinent, but also from China, Indonesia, the UK and the Philippines. A large number of specimens have been added to the Museum’s collection. Now, the Museum has almost 400 different plant specimens. These specimens cover all the disciplines of Botany ranging from Mycology, Phycology, Bryology and Pteridology. There are also specimens of Conifers and Angiosperms. Recently, some fruits and tropical plants collected from Singapore by Prof. Shabbir Ahmad have also been preserved in the Kashyap Museum. A complete list of entries has been prepared and the data is being computerised for reference purposes.

GCU Botanic Garden

The GCU Botanic Garden is being managed by the Department since 1912. It covers an area of seven acres. Since its establishment, the Botanic Garden has been appropriately looked after and well kept. It includes a number of wild flora as well as exotic and rare species. Presently, the Botanic Garden is home to 700 species. Dr. A. U. Khan has made a noteworthy contribution to the Department by publishing an index of the plant species present in the Garden entitled "Catalogue of Plants of GC University Lahore Botanic Garden" (1996). Another concise booklet entitled "A Brief Guide to Government College Lahore Botanic Garden" (2007) provides a historical overview of the Garden.

Pakistan Botanic Gardens Network Secretariat (PBGN) has published a report covering Jan 2007-Dec 2008. Please click here to read the contents of the report.

GCU Botanic Garden organized a 2nd Pakistan Botanic Gardens Conference on "Botanic Garden: A Vehicle to Strengthen the Public/private/NGO partnership for plant conservation" from February 02 to 04, 2009.

1. Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology, GCU Lahore.
2. Chairperson, Department of Botany, GCU Lahore.
3. Curator Botanic Garden, GCU Lahore
4. Assistant Curator, Botanic Garden, GCU Lahore.
5. Assistant Curator Herbarium, GCU Lahore.
6. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Rana (Chairman, Punjab Floriculture Development Council, Govt. of the Punjab)
7. Mr. Muhammad Amjad Cheema (Forest Conservator (Ret.) Govt. of the Punjab)
8. Ms. Rafia Kamal, Consultant Interior Design and Landscapist
9. Superintendent / Deputy Director, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore
10. Director Facilities, GCU Lahore

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