Saturday, June 19, 2010

Departments/Study Programmes

S. # Departments Level Study Programmes
1 Arabic UG BA (Hons)
2 Botany UG BSc (Hons)
PG MSc /MPhil/ PhD
4 Chemistry UG BSc (Hons.) degree programme
PG MSc /MPhil/ PhD Chemistry
MSc Industrial Chemistry
5 Clinical Psychology Unit PG MS
6 Computer Science UG BS (CS) (Hons.) MS(CS)
7 Economics UG BSc (Hons)
PG PGD/ MSc Banking and Finance
PGD/ MSc Entrepreneurship & SME Management
MSc /M.Phil/ PhD Economics
8 Education UG BA (Hons)
9 English UG BA (Hons)
PG MA /MPhil/ Ph.D/PGD inELT
10 Fine Arts UG BA (Hons)
11 French UG BA (Hons)
12 Geography UG BA (Hons)
13 History UG BA (Hons)
PG MA /MPhil/ PhD
14 Islamic Studies UG BA (Hons)
15 Mass Communication UG BA (Hons), as allied subject
16 Management Studies PG MBA/EMBA/PhD
17 Mathematics UG BSc (Hons)
PG MSc /MPhil/ PhD
18 Persian UG BA (Hons)
PG MA /MPhil/ PhD
19 Philosophy UG BA (Hons)
20 Physical Education UG Intermediate
21 Physics UG BSc (Hons)
PG MSc /MPhil/ PhD
22 Political Science & Law UG BA (Hons)
PG MA /MPhil/ PhD
23 Psychology UG BSc (Hons)
PG MSc /MPhil/ PhD
24 Punjabi UG BA (Hons)
25 Sociology UG BA (Hons)
26 Statistics UG BSc (Hons)
PG MSc /MPhil/ PhD
27 Urdu UG BA (Hons)
PG MA /MPhil/ PhD
28 Zoology UG BSc (Hons)
PG MSc /MPhil/ PhD

1.Botany, 2.Chemistry, 3.Economics, 4.English, 5.History, 6.Mathematics, 7.MSD 8.Persian, 9.Physics, 10.Political Science, 11.Psychology, 12.Statistics, 13.Urdu, 14.Zoology

Quality Teaching & Research

GC University, Lahore has played a truly pioneering role in promoting research and inquiry in the country, particularly in the disciplines of physical and biological sciences. The university has a reputation of academic excellence based on an impressive record of achievement in teaching and research. The research carried out by GCU scholars in various departments has been acknowledged internationally. The University has produced two Nobel Laureates: Dr. Hargobind Khorana (in the field of Chemistry) and Dr. Abdul Salam (in the field of Physics). We also have a number of foreign visiting professors in different disciplines and their presence on our campus has reinvigorated academic programmes and strengthened research activities.

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